Development Authority
of Wilkinson County

Road. Rails. Industry.

Our Mission

The mission of the Development Authority of Wilkinson County (DAWC) is to encourage economic activity in and adjacent to the County to strengthen the tax base, provide employment for our citizens and raise the standard of living and quality of life.

DAWC History

Transforming Wilkinson County since 1968

In 1968, the Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners recognized the need for an industrial development authority for the purpose of negotiating, developing and promoting industry, commerce, and natural resources for the public good and general welfare.

Since 1968 the Development Authority of Wilkinson County (DAWC) has transformed into the agency responsible for assisting Existing Business and Industry in Wilkinson County and recruiting New Business and Industry to the County and our six cities: 

Why Wilkinson:

Wilkinson County offers rich opportunities and resources.

The DAWC owns and operates Business and Industry Parks in the County. In 2022 there are six Parks in the County with over 300 acres to attract new Businesses and Industries as well as offer space for Existing Businesses and Industries to expand operation.

Rail-Served Sites